Daily Devotional


It Won’t Be Affected

6th September 2019

Scripture Reading: Acts 27: 41-44, 28: 1-6


“And when Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks, and laid them on the fire, there came a viper out of the heat, and fastened on his hand.” (Acts 28: 3)

Our Focal Scripture speaks of how Paul gathered a bundle of sticks to add to the fire. It was raining at that moment, and ordinarily, one would have expected any wood around to be affected by the rain; and any wood affected by rain would have reduced the fire, but Paul got wood that was good enough to be added to the fire.  The wood he needed wasn’t affected by rain. The prevailing situation (of rain) did not affect what Paul needed.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: what you need will not be affected. No negative circumstance will affect the things you need; no situation will spoil what you need; no negative words will spoil your opportunities; no spoiler will come against the wood you need to make your fire blaze more in glory; no happenstance will cause your resources to become a nullity; no rain will spoil what you need to enter into a new phase of increase.

Some farmers would have been rejoicing that the rains had come, but that was the same rain that could have affected what Paul needed. So one man’s blessing was going to be another man’s spoiler. Hear me as I hear the Lord: one man’s blessing will not be your spoiler. The elevation of one man will not be your regret. The laughter of another man will not fuel your tears; the progress of another man will not cause your retrogression.

Every attack against what you need in this season, I command it to scatter now. I command every satanic plot around what you need to fizzle out. I command every negative circumstance advancing against what you need to end now. The environment will not make a mess of what you need and what is beneficial to you. Your portion will not be poisoned by the vicissitudes of life.

Your portion is preserved; nothing and no man shall tamper with what God has ordained for your benefit.


What I need will not be affected or tampered with, in Jesus’ name!

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Memory Verse

“The LORD is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup: thou maintainest my lot.” (Psalm 16: 5)

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