Daily Devotional

No Loss

23rd August 2021

Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 10: 1-12


“Then shalt thou go on forward from thence, and thou shalt come to the plain of Tabor, and there shall meet thee three men going up to God to Bethel, one carrying three kids, and another carrying three loaves of bread, and another carrying a bottle of wine:” (1 Samuel 10: 3)

In our Focal Scripture, Prophet Samuel told Saul that he would meet a company of three men who were on their way to meet God in Bethel. These men had a role to play in the life of Saul as he began the journey of Kingship. Notice that Saul had previously met Samuel; he was also meant to meet two men by Rachel’s sepulchre, before meeting the three men. The number of useful men who Saul met was on the increase.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: there shall be a continuous increase in the number of useful men in your life. More useful men shall be added to your life; more useful men will come your way; more useful men shall litter your path; more useful men will come into your life and become messengers for your enthronement and coronation; more useful men will come into your life and make the impact.

Get set: there shall be a multiplication of the right men in your life. Men that you need are coming to you; men that will help you are coming to you; men that will make your life more beautiful are coming to you; men that are on your side are coming to you; more men that will defend you are coming to you; men who will add value to your destiny journey are coming to you; your useful men will come in droves.

I pray for you: negative men will not multiply in your life; men that will reduce you will not locate you; men that will make a mess of your destiny will not invade your life and mess you up; God will shield you from encountering men whose mission in your life is to advance the course of the kingdom of darkness; the anointing of God upon you will repel the wrong men who might want to come closer.

Get set to have more useful men step into your life; get set to receive more men who have a role to play in your destiny journey.


More useful men are coming my way, in Jesus’ name!

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Memory Verse

“He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.” (Proverbs 13: 20)

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