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About Jerry Uchechukwu Eze

Pastor Jerry Uchechukwu Eze is the dynamic Founder and President of the fast-growing Streams of Joy International. A seasoned Pastor and leader, a consummate conference speaker and leadership coach.


Out of Coma

My mother had been in coma for 3 days. They were going to take her off oxygen on Friday 17th of January, which was during the 21 day prayers.

I came for prayers that day weeping. After the prayers, my spirit man was energized, and I went back to hospital, laid hands on my mother, and called upon the God that does great wonders in Streams of Joy. Barely 2 minutes later, my mother woke up. She is speaking and even standing. My hands are no longer ordinary as you declared. Thank you for imparting us. Thank you Jesus.

Ms A

HIV Gone

I was previously afflicted with HIV for over three years. In the course of the 21-day fasting and prayers, I saw God revive me, inner man. On the 3rd day of the fast, Pastor Jerry decreed that HIV was dying.

I took that prophecy personally. I have since gone to different places to recheck my status, and the different results say that I am now HIV negative. Can God truly be this merciful? I am awed by this miracle. I am healed!

Mr A

Leukemia Gone

Sometime in 2019, I was diagnosed with leukemia. I battled with it for a while, and it was more traumatic for me considering that I had lost an aunt to that same condition.

I met Pastor Jerry concerning the issue before resuming chemotherapy. He simply laughed and insisted that I did not have cancer (leukemia). He asked me to repeat after him seven times: “I DO NOT HAVE CANCER”; I did it and he declared thereafter, “It Is Done”.

I went back to my doctors and insisted that they should run fresh tests; lo and behold, there was no trace of leukemia. I am leukemia free till date. Thank you, Jesus!

Ms. C

Blind Eye Opened

I can’t remember the last time I saw with my left eye; but while the power of God moved during Wordshop on 20th November 2019, I fell under the anointing. Within 24 hours, I discovered that the same eye that had been blind for almost 20 years had begun to see. Blindness is gone. My eye has popped open. Thank you, Jesus! God is at work in Streams of Joy! To God God be the glory!

Mr A

Dead Child Back To Life

I was at home one day when I heard my neighbours wailing; I walked into the scene to see their dead child who had just been electrocuted. I naturally should have been scared, but I remembered Papa’s teaching, declarations and the prayers we make in church.

I started praying for the dead child to come back to life, and within minutes, people began screaming: life had come back to him. Thank God for connecting me to this home of revival, Streams of Joy! Thank you Jesus!

-Mrs. Kelechi Glory

Lumps Disappear

My elder sister in the UK had been battling with lumps in her breasts. Pastor Jerry announced the commencement of a 3 day church fasting and prayer. I took my sister’s burden to the Lord on the first day of the prayers. By her next appointment, the doctors could not find the lumps anymore. God is too much; Thank you Jesus!

-Dr. Nwala, G.

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