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Our Focal Scripture captures that moment when Zadok the priest took a horn of oil from the tabernacle and anointed Solomon as king. The oil from the tabernacle was made according to God’s instructions to Moses in Exodus 30. Some of the components of the anointing oil in bible times, particularly the cassia, calamus and even the myrrh, have medicinal properties. So Solomon was anointed with oil that was medicinal.

Friend, there may be afflictions out there waiting for a chance to hunt you down, but hear me as I hear the Lord: you are anointed with the oil that is medicinal. The oil of God on your life will preserve you from health afflictions. The oil of God on your life will keep you healthy in your high places. The oil of God on your life will save you from the same things that brought others down. The oil of God on your life will preserve your health.

Every arrow of sickness the enemy has fired at you, I return it to the sender. Every arrow of ill-health the enemy wants to use and afflict you on your throne, I decree, it will not prevail. You will not be sick in your high places. No part of your life will be in the bondage of sickness or disease. No medical issue will weigh you down. Sicknesses that reduce others will not reduce you. I disconnect you from every generational sickness.

Hear me as I hear the Lord: by reason of the oil of God on your life, everything around you will be healthy. Your children will be healthy. Your marriage will be healthy. Your career, business, ministry, vocation, etc. will be healthy. Your finances will be healthy. Nothing in you or around you will be sick. Nothing in you or around you will be reflective of affliction. You will not be an example of one whom the enemy reduced to rubbles.

The same God who caused the oil with medicinal components to be put on Solomon ahead of time, has put perfect health on you ahead of every sickness.


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