Daily Devotional

You Will Finish

Ahead Of The Crowd

16th October 2020

Scripture Reading: 2 Kings 9: 1-13


“And Elisha the prophet called one of the children of the prophets, and said unto him, Gird up thy loins, and take this box of oil in thine hand, and go to Ramothgilead:” (2 Kings 9: 1)

Our Focal Scripture speaks of that moment when Elisha called one of the sons of the prophets and ordered him to take a box of oil and go to Ramoth Gilead to anoint Jehu as king. There were several sons of the prophets, they were all prophets in training, they were all the same, and God chose to separate one of the sons of the prophets. They may have thought that they were all mates, but God caused one of them to rise higher.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: God will cause your destiny to be distinguished. God will put a mark of difference on your life. God will cause you to become more than people around you. God will cause you to receive opportunities that will separate you from those around you. God will cause you to be pushed higher, not by any efforts of yours. God will cause your path to shine brighter than the path of people around you.

There was a certain homogeneity that existed amongst the sons of the prophets, and God caused one of them to be separated and distinguished. You may be surrounded by people who see you as one of them, but God will soon show you favours that will cause them to realize that you have been chosen and preferred ahead of them. God will show you mercy and lift you suddenly in a manner that will leave your rivals dumbfounded.

Hear me as I hear the Lord: the mark of distinction is upon you. You are marked for high places; you are marked for uncommon accomplishments; you are moving from the back to the front; you are moving from the valley to the mountain; you are rising above your contemporaries; you are placed ahead of the crowd; you are set apart for uncommon influence and relevance; you are marked for results that are scarce around you.

Get set: the oil of distinction is upon you already. You have been set apart. You have been chosen to be different. You have the mark of greatness. You are set apart from the crowd.


I have the oil of distinction; I am set apart and placed ahead of the crowd, in Jesus’ name!

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Memory Verse

“God will make you the head, not the tail; you’ll always be the top dog, never the bottom dog, as you obediently listen to and diligently keep the commands of God, your God, that I am commanding you today.” (Deuteronomy 28: 13 MSG)

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