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Connect To Fire

2nd April 2022

Scripture Reading: Mark 5: 21-34


“When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment.” (Mark 5: 27)

The woman with the issue of blood came in the press behind and touched the garment of Jesus. All she did in order to get her result was to touch the garment of Jesus. The word ‘touch’ as used in that scripture comes from the Greek word ‘haptomai’, which means ‘a process that kindles fire’. So that woman with the issue of blood did not just make an ordinary touch; it was a touch that kindled fire; it was a touch that connected her to the blazing fire that melts negativity away.

Friend, have you made contact with that fire that flows from Jesus? Have you connected to the fire that melts negativity away? Have you come in contact with the fire that does not allow sickness and disease to survive? Have you connected to the same power that raised Jesus from the dead? Have you come to that point where your contact with Jesus comes with fire that changes the equations of this life in your favour?

Today, I pray for you: may the fire of God melt away every negativity you have in and around you. May the fire of God displace every opposition against you. May the fire of God unseat every satanic man sitting on the thrones that are being used against you. May the fire of God cause an outbreak of the miraculous in your life. May the fire of God bring forth divine victories over the impossibilities around you. May fire respond to you.

When fire shows up, it leaves evidence. When fire burns, even someone who did not see it burning will see the ashes from the fire and what it burnt. I pray for you: may the fire of God bring forth evidence of the might of God in your life. May your connection to the fire of God open the doors of the supernatural in your life. Let the fire of God enter in to your home and melt every negativity. Let the fire frustrate the tokens of the enemy.

Remember, that woman with the issue of blood came in contact with fire, and it melted the curse that came upon her health. Embrace the fire of God, and it will melt the negativity away.


I connect to the fire of God; let the fire melt every negativity in and around me, in Jesus’ name!

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Memory Verse

“John answered, saying unto them all, I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I cometh, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire:” (Luke 3: 16)

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