Daily Devotional


Divinely Ransomed

20th June 2019

Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 16: 1-13


“And Samuel said, How can I go? if Saul hear it, he will kill me. And the LORD said, Take an heifer with thee, and say, I am come to sacrifice to the LORD.” (1 Samuel 16: 2)

When Samuel was sent by God to anoint Saul, he feared that Saul would kill him if he dared to anoint a new king. God commanded Samuel to take a heifer with him and tell the people that he had come for a sacrifice. God’s response to the potential threat to Samuel’s life was for a heifer to be killed. God’s formula to save Samuel from Saul’s rage was to give a heifer in Samuel’s place. Instead of Samuel, a heifer was to be killed.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: instead of you, another will go down in your place. The harm that was meant for you will go elsewhere; the disaster that was meant for you will go elsewhere; the attack that was meant for you will go to someone else; the downfall that was packaged for you will go elsewhere; whatever danger that is waiting for you in the future will be divinely diverted; whatever is unfavourable won’t come to you.

God Himself initiated the process of getting a heifer to die instead of letting Samuel go down. It was God’s choice to sacrifice a heifer in place of his prophet Samuel. God has the prerogative to decide on what or who should go down in your place; God has the prerogative to decide who would become a victim of the evil that was originally meant for you. As surely as God lives, mercy will speak for you when disaster lurks.

Notice that when God heard Samuel’s complaint, He didn’t allow him to go and die in the hands of Saul. God was not about to allow disaster to consume His servant. If God be for you, then He won’t allow you to be consumed by disaster. If God be for you, no conspiracy from the pit of hell will cause you to go under; if God be for you, no power of hell will prevail over you.

Live with the consciousness that you serve a God that allows something else or someone else to go down for your sake. Live with the understanding that when the time comes, God will provide the ‘heifer’ that will go for your sake.


I will not go down; something else or someone else will go for my sake, in Jesus’ name!

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Memory Verse

“Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou hast been honourable, and I have loved thee: therefore will I give men for thee, and people for thy life.” (Isaiah 43: 4)

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