Daily Devotional


From Pain To Miracle

2nd November 2021

Scripture Reading: Acts 3: 1-11


“Now Peter and John went up together into the temple at the hour of prayer, being the ninth hour.” (Acts 3: 1)

According to the synoptic gospels, Jesus died at the ninth hour (see Matthew 27 vs. 46-50, Mark 15 vs. 33-37 and Luke 23 vs. 44-46). Peter and John had witnessed a ninth hour that was synonymous with death. The ninth hour seemed to have a tone of pain and negativity around it. Notice that in our Focal Scripture, they went up to the temple at the ninth hour, and a miracle followed. What was previously synonymous with death became synonymous with a major, creative miracle.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: your ninth hour is coming forth with a miracle. Your ninth hour will no longer be an hour of pain and distress. The times in your life that were synonymous with disappointments will soon turn around and breed good news like never before. The same places where you once suffered loss in time past will become harbingers of great gain. The same seasons that worked against you in time past will work for you. Your ninth hour is yielding a better result.

The ninth hour was a time of prayer, and it was when Jesus died. After Jesus’ death, the ninth hour became an hour of miracle. Get ready: the Lord is rewriting your story. The Lord is rewriting your negative history. The Lord is changing every negative pattern that has held sway in your life. The Lord is closing the chapters of pain and distress that you have previously known. The Lord is causing your landmarks of pain to become landmarks of mighty miracles and testimonies.

You will not experience the former pains that came your way in time past. You will not experience the disappointments that came with your past seasons. You will not be caught in the same negative realities that came your way in time past. You will not be faced with the same issues you suffered in the past. The cycle of negative outcomes, is broken in your life forever.

The pain and affliction that came with your ‘ninth hour’ the last time will not happen again. A new season has begun in your life, and no power of hell will turn back the hands of the clock.


My ninth hour is showing up with a mega miracle; the pain of the past won’t happen again, in Jesus’ name!

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Memory Verse

“You answer our prayers with amazing wonders and with awe-inspiring displays of power. You are the righteous God who helps us like a father. Everyone everywhere looks to you, for you are the confidence of all the earth, even to the farthest islands of the sea.” (Psalm 65: 5 TPT)

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