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Grow By The Word

2nd September 2021

Scripture Reading: Psalm 92: 1-12


“The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.” (Psalm 92: 12)

The cedar tree grows best in the rainfall region, where there is an abundance of rain water. It can only survive in an abundance of water. In Ephesians 5: 26, the bible compares water with God’s word. So, when the psalmist spoke about growing like the cedars of Lebanon, he indirectly spoke about growing in an atmosphere of God’s word. The psalmist made a veiled reference to a Word-inspired growth. He inferred a word based growth.

Friend, grow in the atmosphere of God’s word. Make God’s word a priority in this season, as the year gradually winds down. Feed your spirit man with more and more of God’s word. When the world wants you to hear bad news, fill your ears with the word of the Lord. No matter how unrealistic God’s word sounds in the face of your struggles and challenges, believe it more than you believe in mere mortals. Keep your eyes of God’s word.

Hear me as I hear the Lord: you will grow as God’s word grows in you. You will increase as you increase your intake of the word of the Lord. You will be enlarged as the word of God is enlarged within your being. You will break forth in greatness as you dwell under the cover of God’s word. You will outgrow some challenges as the measure of God’s word in you grows above the current limits. Your survival is tied to the word that God speaks to you.

Let God’s word consume your being; let it define your priorities and standards; let God’s word be your compass for the future. Let God’s word give you passion for a closer walk with God. Let God’s word be your anchor. Others may have hinged their hopes on the arm of flesh; people may have placed their confidence on the promises of men, but dare to depend on God’s word.

God’s word will never disappoint. Focus on God’s word. Open up your heart to the power in the word. Listen to it, read it, meditate on it, declare it, announce it, shout it, and believe it. There is growth and enlargement in the word. You are set to grow like the cedars of Lebanon, if you can stick with the word!


I grow in the atmosphere of the word of the Lord, in Jesus’ name!

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Memory Verse

“As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:” (1 Peter 2: 2)

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