Daily Devotional

Crowned On Purpose

Ignore The Naysayers

9th June 2022

Scripture Reading: Matthew 10: 5-6, 15: 22-28


“Then came she and worshipped him, saying, Lord, help me.” (Matthew 15: 25)

In our Focal Scripture, the woman of Canaan came and worshipped Jesus. This was shortly after Jesus’ disciples asked Him to send her away, as she had become a nuisance to them. This woman did not get distracted by the demands of her naysayers. Her opposers did not make her to lose focus. She didn’t forget the reason why she came to Jesus in the first place. She simply ignored her naysayers. She didn’t stop because they spoke.

Friend, no matter how much you are surrounded by naysayers, don’t make the mistake of abandoning your mission because of them. Don’t lose focus on account of those who do not like the idea of your assignment. Don’t shut down your assignment in order to respond to naysayers who have no idea of what God told you. Don’t spend your time responding to haters that simply won’t stop hating. Don’t get in a verbal combat with opposers.

There was a cry for mercy from that woman of Canaan that needed a response from Jesus, and she was not about to miss Jesus’ response because of people who had a problem with her presence. Sometimes, remind yourself of what you need to achieve, and you won’t have much time to waste on naysayers. Sometimes, remind yourself of the goals you have to achieve, and you won’t need to waste your time responding to those who neither love you nor care about your tomorrow.

Notice that the naysayers of this woman of Canaan were disciples of Jesus. She got her greatest discouragement, shockingly, from people who followed Jesus! Even if your greatest opposers are followers of Jesus, still ignore them and face your assignment. Even if your opposers are like the opposers of Stephen who came from synagogues (see Acts 6), don’t let them distract you. Don’t let the ‘disciples’ of Jesus to stop you.

Remember, when the chips are down, your naysayers did not call you, and they probably won’t help you hit the target you need to hit by yourself. Ignore those naysayers, face your assignment, and keep your eyes on the goal you set out to achieve.


I refuse to be distracted by my naysayers, in Jesus’ name!

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Memory Verse

“Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not?” (Lamentations 3: 37)

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