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Keep Moving

16th March 2020

Scripture Reading: 2 Kings 6: 24-25, 7: 1-20


“And they rose up in the twilight, to go unto the camp of the Syrians: and when they were come to the uttermost part of the camp of Syria, behold, there was no man there.” (2 Kings 7: 5)

Our Focal Scripture reveals that the four lepers at the gate of Samaria arose in the twilight to go to the camp of the Syrians. Twilight is that time of the day when the sun has gone down and lighting is dim. It is a time of poor visibility. So the lepers did not have enough light to move, but they moved nonetheless. They didn’t have enough visibility, they could have used the poor visibility as an excuse, but they moved nonetheless.

Friend, your visibility might be poor, but God says, move. Things may not all be clear to you at the moment, but keep moving. Things may be dark all around you, but keep moving; things may not quite be looking up as you desire, but keep moving; this may not look like the best time to start moving, but God says, move; you may not have people to light up your path at the moment, but keep moving; no matter how dark it is, keep moving.

Sometimes, life may not present you with the amount of light you would ordinarily prefer to move in, you may not always have it as bright as you desire, but wisdom teaches that even if it is dark, there is always light in the inner man enough to help you move if you desire to move. Even when your light is too small, your movement should not be hindered. Even when your light is not enough, you can’t be stopped.

Did you realize that those lepers moved to the camp of the Syrians, and there was no man there? They took the risk of moving when the light in their environment was not enough, and they got to their destination. Your light may not be enough, but if you dare to move, you will get to your destination and hit your target. Your light may not be enough, but it can’t stop you if you remain focused and resolute.

Scriptures describe you as the light of the world. You are the light that you need to move; you are the light that your path needs.


Even when the light is not enough, I keep moving, in Jesus’ name!

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Memory Verse

“Thy sun shall no more go down; neither shall thy moon withdraw itself: for the LORD shall be thine everlasting light, and the days of thy mourning shall be ended.” (Isaiah 60: 20)

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