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Our Focal Scripture sheds light on one man in scripture who was seen by the watchful and ever helpful and merciful eyes of El Roi. As Jesus left Jericho, He encountered Bartimaeus, son of Timaeus. The name Timaeus means honour. So Bartimaeus was the son of honour, but his situation was anything but honorable. He was a son of ‘Honour’, but he was a beggar. He was a son of ‘Honour’, but his life was devoid of honour. Bartimaeus’ life was a huge contradiction.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: every contradiction in your life that wants to make you an object of mockery, the eyes of El Roi has seen it to change it. I proclaim a reversal of whatsoever condition that is mocking your walk with God. I command a reversal of any issue of your life that is making men wonder if your God is still on your side. I command a reversal of whatever battles that want to make you a victim.

The identity of Bartimaeus was honour, but his reality was dishonour. He had a reputation for being fine, but his reality was anything but fine. Hear me as I hear the Lord: in 2024, you will not be an example of one whose story sounds good but whose reality is not okay. You will not be counted amongst them whose names were better than their realities. You will not be counted amongst men whose negative situations swallowed them.

When the eyes of El Roi saw Bartimaeus, the contradiction in his life was resolved. I decree, God is resolving every contradiction in your life. God is taking away every scar that makes a mockery of your identity. God is taking away that health challenge that is challenging the efficacy of your God. God is removing that struggle that is making men mock you. God is turning around everything that contradicts His word for you.

The days of being God’s best, yet advertising Satan’s worst, is over. Every challenge that contradicts your identity in Christ, I command it to end now.


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