Daily Devotional

You Will Not Fall

9th July 2022

Scripture Reading: Judges 16: 1-25


“And the lords of the Philistines came up unto her, and said unto her, Entice him, and see wherein his great strength lieth, and by what means we may prevail against him, that we may bind him to afflict him: and we will give thee every one of us eleven hundred pieces of silver.” (Judges 16: 5)

In our Focal Scripture, when the lords of the Philistines approached Delilah, they wanted to know by what means they could prevail against him. So their plan was to prevail against Samson. Their plan was to defeat him. They already saw him as that enemy that should be defeated. People to whom Samson had done absolutely nothing were already plotting how to fight and defeat him. Samson’s enemies wanted him to be defeated.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: in this second half of 2022 and beyond, you will not be defeated. The enemy will not prevail over you. No sickness will prevail over you. No adversity will prevail over you. No enemy will prevail over you. No attack from the pit of hell will prevail over you. No policy of government will prevail over you. No circumstance you are currently dealing with will prevail over you. Nothing from the enemy will prevail.

The people who wanted to prevail over Samson were people whom God had empowered Samson to defeat. So what he was supposed to defeat arose and wanted to defeat him. Hear me as I hear the Lord: whatsoever you are meant to defeat will not turn around and defeat you. The battles you are supposed to win will not turn around and defeat you. The battles you won in time past will not come back to win you now.

The mantle of victory is upon you. You will defeat whatever defeated you in time past. You will defeat every opposition that is against you. You will crush the head of the leviathan. You will dethrone every satanic man that has been enthroned against you. You will conquer the gates of hell. You will defeat the conspiracies and their conspirators. You will win again and again. You will win on all sides. You will be victorious no matter the odds.

The days of defeat are over. Victory is your new name. You are winning on every side.


No matter the battle, I cannot be defeated, in Jesus’ name!

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Memory Verse

“I have pursued mine enemies, and overtaken them: neither did I turn again till they were consumed.” (Psalm 18: 37)

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