Daily Devotional


No Opposition

31st January 2021

Scripture Reading: Numbers 17: 1-10


“And the LORD said unto Moses, Bring Aaron's rod again before the testimony, to be kept for a token against the rebels; and thou shalt quite take away their murmurings from me, that they die not.” (Numbers 17: 10)

As we close the matter of Aaron and the opposition he faced, one thing is remarkably noteworthy: the chapter opened with a group of men who were opposed to Aaron (and Moses); but it closed with the rod of Aaron being chosen ahead of the rods of his rivals. What began as an opposition against Aaron led God to position Aaron in a place where he was beyond the reach of his opponents. Opposition promoted Aaron.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: every opposition that will come your way this year will lead to your elevation. Every opposition that will come against you will cause God to open new doors for you. Every opposition that will arise against you will cause new chapters of greatness to be opened to you. Every conspiracy to reduce you will cause God to lift you higher. Every plot against you will establish you on higher grounds.

Aaron moved from being a man that was opposed by a group of men, to becoming a man whose rod got a permanent space in the Ark of the Covenant. He moved from being opposed to being favoured by God. Hear me as I hear the Lord: every plot of the enemy against you this year will cause your favour to rise on a higher level. Every plan to shut the doors against you will cause heaven to open more doors for you.

Did you notice that after God dealt with the opposition against Aaron, they never arose again? Aaron moved from being needlessly opposed to being in the place of rest, where his opposition simply expired. Hear me as I hear the Lord: your opposition will soon expire. Those that have conspired against you to pull you down will soon expire. Those that have vowed that you will not enjoy your rising will be put down by God Himself.

Welcome to a new season where your opposition will push God to lift you higher. Welcome to your season of a crumbled opposition.


In 2021, every opposition will lead to my lifting; my opposition shall crumble, in Jesus’ name!

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Memory Verse

“For thou hast girded me with strength unto the battle: thou hast subdued under me those that rose up against me.” (Psalm 18: 39)

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