Daily Devotional


11th April 2020

Scripture Reading: Mark 16: 1-20


“And when the sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome, had bought sweet spices, that they might come and anoint him.” (Mark 16: 1)

The three women that were mentioned in our Focal Scripture bought sweet spices in order to anoint the body of Jesus. These women elected to spend money to buy spices that would be used to anoint a body that was no longer in the grave. They spent money on a venture that was never going to yield any result for them. They spent a fortune, and essentially, it became money wasted because there was no Jesus to anoint in the grave.

Friend, I pray for you: may your resources not go into what will not give you results. May you not spend your resources and end up without receiving results. May you not spend money on what will not work for you; may your resources not be wasted; may your resources not go down the drains; may you not take decisions that will impoverish you; may you not take steps that will reduce your finances; may you not lose your resources.

Again, I pray for you: receive the wisdom to deploy your resources at the right place. Receive wisdom to do what is right with the resources in your hands; receive wisdom to use your resources profitably; receive wisdom to make progress with your resources; receive wisdom to discern between the ideas that have come to grow your finances and the ideas that have come to take your finances down the drains.

Every power of hell that wants to waste your resources, let the fire of God destroy them. Let the fire of God come against every waster of your time, resources, efforts, opportunities, etc. Let God arise against everything that has come against you to waste what the Lord has put in your hands. If there be conspiracies, evil counsel, deceptions, etc that have come to push your resources down the drains, I command them to scatter.

No longer shall your resources be stolen or wasted. No longer shall your results be wasted. Receive a restoration of whatever resources you have lost.


My resources shall not be wasted; I receive restoration for all I have already lost, in Jesus’ name!

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Memory Verse

“The LORD hath sworn by his right hand, and by the arm of his strength, Surely I will no more give thy corn to be meat for thine enemies; and the sons of the stranger shall not drink thy wine, for the which thou hast laboured:” (Isaiah 62: 8)

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