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Serve Divine Agenda

14th June 2019

Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 16: 1-13


“And The Lord Said Unto Samuel, How Long Wilt Thou Mourn For Saul, Seeing I Have Rejected Him From Reigning Over Israel? Fill Thine Horn With Oil, And Go, I Will Send Thee To Jesse The Bethlehemite: For I Have Provided Me A King Among His Sons.” (1 Samuel 16: 1)

In Our Focal Scripture, God Told Samuel That He Had Provided Himself A King Among The Sons Of Jesse. The King That Was About To Emerge Was One That God Provided For Himself. It Was Not A Kingship Necessarily Given So That David Could Do Whatever He Desired With It; It Was A Kingship That God Arranged For His Personal Purpose; It Was Greatness That God Wanted To Reveal To Serve His Own Purpose; It Was Greatness That God Provided For Himself.

Friend, If God Were To Make You Attain Greatness, Would You Allow It To Remain Greatness He Created For Himself? Would You Allow The Greatness That God Brings Your Way To Serve God’s Purpose? Would You Be Focused To Realize That God Lifted You In Order To Make Things Happen For Himself? Would You Receive Your Next Level As A Mere Caretaker That Is Holding It In Trust For The God Whose Purpose It Must Ultimately Serve?

Saul Had Been Given The Same Kingship That Was Eventually Transferred To David; But Saul Fell From God’s Perking Order Because He Stepped Out Of God’s Purpose In The Kingship He Received. Saul Stepped Out Of Divine Purpose, And God Immediately Sought A Replacement. Your Longevity In The Greatness That God Will Bring Your Way Is Tied To Your Commitment To Divine Purpose; Your Throne Won’t Last If It Doesn’t Serve God’s Plan.

Appraise Yourself, Do Some Soul Searching, Make Out Time For Some Introspection; Are You Really Allowing God’s Purpose To Be Made Manifest Through The Throne That God Has Given You, Or Has It Become All About Yourself And Your Personal Desires? How Much Of Your Kingship Is Aligned With Divine Agenda? How Much Of Your Wealth Is Serving Kingdom Purposes? How Much Of Your Higher Levels Serve For God’s Pleasure?

Keep Divine Purpose And Agenda In Proper Perspective As God Brings New Thrones And Crowns Your Way. Always Remember That You Are A King That God Provided For Himself, For His Personal Pleasure.


My Greatness And Royalty Is Unto God And Must Serve Divine Agenda, In Jesus’ Name!

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Memory Verse

“Even Every One That Is Called By My Name: For I Have Created Him For My Glory, I Have Formed Him; Yea, I Have Made Him.” (Isaiah 43: 7)

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