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Sting The Enemy

14th February 2021

Scripture Reading: Judges 4: 1-10


“And Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth, she judged Israel at that time.” (Judges 4: 4)

Our Focal Scripture introduces Deborah, the prophetess who spearheaded the liberation of Israel from the bondage of Jabin. The meaning of ‘Deborah’, is ‘bee’. One major characteristic of the bee is its ability to sting every invader into its space. So the person who led the fight back of God’s people was a person who could sting her opposition. Needless to say, Deborah literally stung the opposition against Israel until they crumbled.

Friend, God says, sting the invaders of your territory. Sting every power of hell that wants to make a mess of your destiny. Sting every conspiracy of the wicked against you. Sting every satanic invader that wants to steal what the Lord has destined for you. Sting every messenger of darkness that wants to possess your territory. Sting every satanic altar that wants to reduce your destiny to rubbles. Sting the negativity around you.

A bee doesn’t only sit back to defend its territory; it also goes all out to attack its opposition. This year, don’t sit back to defend your territory alone. Take it a step further and attack every negativity that may not have started to affect you yet. Go out of your way and put away every darkness that is currently operating around you and yours. Crush every work of darkness that is currently manifesting around your life.

Jesus was made manifest to destroy the works of darkness; and if you have been redeemed by Jesus, then you too should destroy the works of darkness around you, whether it is affecting you or not. Crush every age long satanic structure that has laid a siege on people connected to you. Let it be said that people around you were set free from the oppression of the enemy because of you. Let your presence cut off the invaders.

Don’t make the mistake of allowing negativity and satanic invaders to have a free course around you. Sting the enemy, and cut short their operation.


I sting every invader and negativity in my territory, in Jesus’ name!

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Memory Verse

Neither give place to the devil.” (Ephesians 4: 27)

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