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Crowned On Purpose

They Will Wait Forever


Our Focal Scripture speaks of the men who were pleased when Herod took out James. Herod killed James and the Jews were happy about it. Misfortune arose against James, and some people were pleased with the negative development. Somebody’s life was cut short in his prime, and people who should have had some humanity in them were excited about it. It seemed that the Jews were literally waiting for misfortune to arise.

Friend, you may not know, but there are people around, waiting for misfortune to come your way. There are those who believe that you should go down already. There are some who believe that your doors should be shut, and that good news must not enter in. There are men who currently hate you because the bad news they wished you, did not materialize. There are men who are standing by like the Jews, waiting for your downfall.

Any man who is waiting for you to go down will wait forever. Any man who is waiting for bad news to come your way so that they can rejoice, heaven will disappoint them. Any man who is waiting for you to lose your place in destiny, as surely as the Lord lives, they will surely wait forever. The wicked wishes of your enemies will not come to pass. The evil calculations of those who do not like you will not become your reality.

While your haters watch, God will embarrass them by making you the head and not the tail. While your haters watch, the gates of good news will be opened to you. While your haters watch, you will step into new realms you did not even pray for. While your haters watch, you will be remembered for good. While your haters watch, you will move from congratulations to more congratulations. God will make your haters to envy you.

Make a commitment to never allow your destiny to entertain your enemies. I pray for you: may your life not cause your haters to be rejoice.


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