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Empowered For Recognition

Unlikely Sources

30th January 2022

Scripture Reading: 2 Kings 6: 24-33, 7: 1-20


“And there were four leprous men at the entering in of the gate: and they said one to another, Why sit we here until we die?” (2 Kings 7: 3)

Our Focal Scripture speaks of the four lepers at the entrance of the gate of Samaria. These four lepers found the huge deposit of food and riches in the camp of the Syrians. The four lepers brought the news of abundance to the king. The four lepers discovered the solution that the entire nation needed. They discovered the door of increase that changed the story of Israel. It was a case of help that came from a most unlikely source.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: in 2022, you shall receive help from unlikely sources. You will receive help from places you least expected help to arise. You will receive help from people you have never even met before. You will receive help from people who do not owe you any favours. You will receive help from the places you never believed that help could arise from. You will receive help from people who don’t seem able to help you.

The help that was to come to an entire nation came through the hands of four lepers that could not even help themselves. Help came from people who themselves looked helpless. Hear me as I hear the Lord: help will arise for you even from people you consider helpless. The same people you may have underrated will show up unexpectedly to help you. You will receive help that will come unexpectedly and turn things around.

Notice that the king of Israel had no pact with the lepers. He made them no offer, he never asked them for any favours, but they brought the information that settled a nation in distress. Hear me as I hear the Lord: from places where you have not even asked for help, help shall arise. From people who have not heard you ask for help, help shall arise. You will be helped by strangers.

Welcome to your new season where all things will work in your favour. Welcome to that new season where you will receive help from strangers.


I receive help from strange places and unlikely sources, in Jesus’ name!

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Memory Verse

“And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls, and their kings shall minister unto thee: for in my wrath I smote thee, but in my favour have I had mercy on thee.” (Isaiah 60: 10)

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