Daily Devotional


You Will Be Considered First

4th February 2020

Scripture Reading: 2 Kings 6: 1-7


“1. And the sons of the prophets said unto Elisha, Behold now, the place where we dwell with thee is too strait for us. 2. Let us go, we pray thee, unto Jordan, and take thence every man a beam, and let us make us a place there, where we may dwell. And he answered, Go ye.” (2 Kings 6: 1, 2)

When it was time for the sons of the prophets to make a move towards building a bigger place, their first consideration was to go to Jordan to fell wood. There may have been other places where they could get wood, but they went for Jordan. There may have been wood elsewhere, but Jordan was their first option. Jordan was preferred to whatever option that may have existed; Jordan was considered first.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: in 2020 and beyond, you will be considered first. You shall be preferred ahead of your contemporaries and rivals; you will be chosen ahead of your competitors; there may be many people seeking the same opportunities, clients, resources, open doors, etc that you are also seeking, but as surely as the Lord lives, you shall be considered first. You will be preferred in the midst of several options.

Get set: your business shall be considered first. Your ideas shall be considered first; your abilities shall be considered first; your efforts shall be considered first; you shall be considered first for mega opportunities; you shall be preferred in high places; the kings of this world will consider you first for relevance and influence; the people in your environment will love you more than they love others; the mantle of preference is upon you.

The sons of the prophets did not only consider Jordan first; they also went there and cut the wood they needed. Beyond being considered first, they took actions that gave effect to their preference of Jordan. Hear me as I hear the Lord: men will not only consider you first; they will also give effect to it. You will not just be preferred on paper; you will also be preferred in actual practice.

The oil of distinction is upon you; you are that person that your generation has been waiting for; as soon as they see you, you will be considered first.


I shall be considered first, in Jesus’ name!

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Memory Verse

“And they shall call them, The holy people, The redeemed of the LORD: and thou shalt be called, Sought out, A city not forsaken.” (Isaiah 62: 12)

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