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It is instructive to observe that God had determined to give the land of Jericho to the children of Israel. Notice that the spies showed up, and the men in Jericho, with their king, wanted to take them into custody. God was about to bring something good their way, but the men from Jericho would have none of it. Good news was still loading when haters already put together a conspiracy to stop their mission.

Friend, if you will walk the path of greatness, you just might need to normalize expecting the very worst from haters. If the best is about to come your way, then expect conspirators to conspire. If God would ever favour you, you will need to prepare for the hatred of those who question why you must be the one to be favoured. If God will make you smile, be ready for the anger of those who think you are not qualified to smile and be happy.

Hear me as I hear the Lord: no matter how your haters wish to have you go down, you will not go down. No matter how they conspire, their conspiracies will fail. No matter how they plot your downfall, you will keep rising and rising to their chagrin. No matter how they imagine that you are about to fall out of favour, you will continue to walk in high favour. You will not fall. You will not lose grounds. Your plans won’t be scattered.

When those spies faced the reality of men who wanted them to be captured and held back from accomplishing their mission, they came in contact with a Rahab who took sides with them and covered them from the prying eyes of the king of Jericho. They faced trouble, but God positioned a strategic helper for them. Hear me as I hear the Lord: on your pathway to rising, God will position men who will counter the efforts of your haters.


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