2019 Declarations

Call: Wherever I Am Found…

Response: Joyful Sounds!
Call: Whatsoever I Lay My Hands On…

Response: Joyful Sounds!
Call: Whatever Comes My Way…

Response: Joyful Sounds!
Call: Every Morning I Wake Up…

Response: Joyful Sounds!
Call: In My Family…

Response: Joyful Sounds

The Price For My Victory In Life Has Been Fully Paid By The Lord!
I Have The Receipt For My Healing, Joy, Prosperity And Endless Favour!

Christ Has Suffered For Me, I Hereby Declare I Will Not Suffer In Any Area Of My Life!

I Operate In High Dimensions Of Glory!

I Give To God’s Work!

No Room For Spiritual Laziness!

Holy Passion Is At Work In Me!

I Am A Moving Fire!
My Identity Is Righteousness, My Words Are Full Of Faith And My Life Is Full Of Evidence!

I Hear The Sound Of Back To Back Celebrations All Around Me!

There Is A Heavier Sound Of Congratulations In My Family/Business/Career Right Now!

I Hereby Declare:

Call: Rising And Falling…

Response: Under My Feet!
Call: Delays And Denials…

Response: Under My Feet!
Call: Efforts Without Results…

Response: Under My Feet!
Call: Sickness And Death…

Response: Under My Feet!
Call: Shame And Disaster…

Response: Under My Feet!
Call: Satanic Arrows And Manipulations…

Response: Under My Feet!
Call: Evil Altars And Demonic Projections…

Response: Under My Feet!

It’s A New Season For Me!
I Swim In Joy And In The Power Of The Holy Spirit Daily!
Kings And Nobles Are Under Mandate To Favour Me Daily!
Miracles Are Jamming Miracles!
I Am Unstoppable!
I Pursue, I Overtake, I Recover All!

The Season Has Come, The Time Is Now, I Am Shouting For All To Hear:

Call: 2019…

Response: Joyful Sounds… Miracles Everywhere!

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